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Accelerate your K2 Project Success

Typical K2 Implementation Problems

  • Your current K2 application testing processes are manual and time consuming
  • Every time changes are made to a K2 application, processes and/or K2 SmartObjects are impacted and the application breaks
  • The business gets nervous when releases are made due to application instability
  • The impact of changes are not transparent and easily found
  • Solid reporting on testing results is not available
  • K2 administration is difficult.

Why Automate K2 Testing and Administration?

PowerToolz for K2 increases efficiency of administering and testing K2 applications. PowerToolz is a standalone application with a small footprint and provides powerful tools that help you monitor, manage, investigate and troubleshoot K2 applications.

  • Automated Testing enables the user to automate functional and regression testing of K2 artefacts.
  • Automated Testing is enhanced with our Test Planner, Test Scheduler and Test Reporter to generate reports.
  • Administration feature provides the ability to managing K2 environments, Process Instances, Users and more.
  • Validate application quality with functional and regression test automation.
  • Free quality assurance (QA) resources from maintaining and executing basic tests and encouraging the creation of additional, thorough tests.
  • Reduce human error that can occur during activities such as test step execution and test result recording.

The Solution - PowerToolz

  • PowerToolz for K2 is a purpose built productivity aid, with a focus on accelerating K2 success.
  • It has been developed to support the function of K2 Administrators, Process Owners, Support Staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants.
  • PowerToolz packs a bunch of rich feature sets that are specifically designed for the various K2 user groups and their unique needs in mind.
  • PowerToolz provides deep insights into your K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment.
  • Friendly UX enables you to quickly create, execute, and maintain tests.
  • No programming skills required.

PowerToolz for K2 provides three major capability sets.

Automated Testing, Administration and Trouble Shooting features for K2.

Customer Comments

PowerToolz Highlights


PowerToolz Converter helps you to convert your K2 4.7 process definitions into the modern K2 Five 5.5 format. Analyse, Convert, Save and Report outcomes.

Test Automation

Test SmartForms real-time with meaningful data. Validate fields, test assertions and test form behaviours as different users.

Test Automation

Test WorkFlow paths and outcomes against various scenarios. Run tests simultaneously to simulate production environments for performance analysis.


Transform BPMN Diagrams in Visio into K2 WorkFlows. Visually manipulate and edit process definitions.

Test Automation

Test SmartObject methods through reusable test scripts. Use pre-defined or random data. Clean up as you go, ensuring unwanted data is deleted.


Bring all your saved test scripts together to run end-to-end regression tests across all your K2 applications. Schedule these for enhanced QA reporting.

and Support

Remote, personalised training (additional fees apply) and support is offered to all PowerToolz customers. Product upgrades are inclusive with licensing fees.

PowerToolz Suite For K2 Features

Application Testing

PowerToolz Tester for K2

  • Build or Generate reusable Test Scripts
  • Bulk Test Scripts Execution
  • Visual Test Results
  • Share scripts, Schedule scripts
  • Deploy Test Scripts from Dev to Test
  • Test Plan and Test reports
  • Functional, Regression testing
  • Load Testing
  • SmO, Process, Views, SmartForms, ASP.NET, InfoPath Testing


PowerToolz Administrator for K2

  • Comparison of Version
  • Comparison of Instance
  • Comparison of Task Items
  • Dependency Report
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Replicate and Update Process
  • Migrate instances
  • Manage Permissions
  • Re initiate process instances
  • Worklist Management


PowerToolz Tester for K2

  • Error fixer for Process Instance
  • Skip Power Action on Script
  • Action Pause on Script
  • Action Delay in Script
  • Ignore Error in Script
  • Code Analyser

Workflow Conversions

PowerToolz Converter for K2

  • Convert WorkFlows from K2 4.7 to K2 Five 5.5
  • Wizard Driven User Experience
  • Analysis Report Pre Conversion
  • Analysis Report Post Conversion
  • Save Workflow In K2 Five Environment. Legacy Workflows Are Not Overwritten
  • Convert Individual .KPRX Files

Workflow Transformation

PowerToolz Transformer for K2

  • Transform Visio BPMN diagrams into K2 Five 5.5 Workflows
  • Wizard Driven User Experience
  • Unique AppModel for editing
  • Visually manipulate and Save Workflow to K2
  • Transform Individual .VSD Files

A powerful workflow transformer

We assist you get on with workflow platforms fast

  • PowerToolz Transformer helps you transform your process definitions between popular process and robotic automation platforms. We have enabled Microsoft, Nintex and K2 platforms. We are working on UiPath and others. Currently BPMN process diagrams in Visio, Process maps in K2 blackpearl and K2 Five, Promapp definitions, Nintex botflows as well as Microsoft Power Platform are supported. You can transform and manipulate visio processes into the new K2 platform classic 5.x workflows. You can go from Visio to the K2's modern infinite process designer canvas really fast.
  • You can Transform, Visually Manipulate and Save the process.
  • Don't stare at a blank workflow canvas. Let's help you get a head start.
  • Save time and resources by automating the workflow creation from Visio.
  • Use AppModel to manipulate, edit and enhance workflow definitions.
  • Visualise the workflow in AppView and K2 Viewflow before saving into K2.

A powerful workflow converter for the K2 Five 5.5

We want to help you get on with K2 Five fast

  • PowerToolz Express helps you convert your K2 4.7 process definitions into the modern K2 Five 5.5 infinite process designer canvas fast.
  • You can Analyse, Convert, Save and Report on conversion outcomes.
  • Don’t start with a blank canvas. Let's help you have a head start with conversions.
  • Save time and resources by automating the rebuild of what can be converted.
  • Create reports and visual placeholders for what can’t and move fast.
  • PowerToolz Express guides you through the changes so that you can learn the new methodology in K2 Platform Classic faster.

A Powerful Analyser To Prepare For Your K2 Five 5.x Success!

We want you to know more about what you have and what you can do with your K2

  • K2 Five 5.5 is already here and packed with brilliant features to make you even more successful
  • A smooth Upgrade to K2 Five 5.x requires proper analysis and good planning
  • PowerToolz Analyser helps you get a head start with your upgrade
  • Use PowerToolz Analyser to take stock and understand your environment
  • Gain insights into the upgrade suitability and options for migration
  • Estimate the effort required to convert your legacy workflows to K2 Platform Classic
  • You could perform the initial analysis yourself and Save on Consultant effort
  • Runs on any K2 4.7 and K2 4.6.11 environments to help you prepare and plan for your K2 Platform Classic upgrades

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PowerToolz Videos

PowerToolz - True Test Automation, Administration & Troubleshooting

PowerToolz Express - WorkFlow Conversions to K2 Five

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Pricing Table

PowerToolz Tester 5.5
$24,995 USD

  1. Annual Subscription - 12 months use
  2. Full Featured Version
  3. Unlimited Users
  4. Unlimited Environments
  5. Free Upgrades
  6. Support
  7. Training (Additional)
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PowerToolz Converter 5.5
$18,995 USD

  1. Annual Subscription - 12 months use
  2. Full Featured Version
  3. Unlimited Users
  4. Unlimited Environments
  5. Free Upgrades
  6. Support
  7. Training (Additional)
Buy with invoice

PowerToolz Analyser 5.5
$8,995 USD

  1. Annual Subscription - 12 months use
  2. Full Featured Version
  3. Unlimited Users
  4. Unlimited Environments
  5. Free Upgrades
  6. Support
  7. Training (Additional)
Buy with invoice

PowerToolz Administrator 5.5
$19,995 USD

  1. Annual Subscription - 12 months use
  2. Full Featured Version
  3. Unlimited Users
  4. Unlimited Environments
  5. Free Upgrades
  6. Support
  7. Training (Additional)
Buy with invoice

PowerToolz Transformer 5.5

(Transform Visio BPMN diagrams into K2 Five 5.3/4 processes)
$15,995 USD
  1. Annual Subscription - 12 months use
  2. Fully featured version
  3. Unlimited Environments
  4. Unlimited Users
  5. Free Updates
  6. Support
  7. Training (Additional)
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New Release.

PowerToolz Training 5.5
$12,995 USD

  1. Official curriculum
  2. Delivered remotely on your VMs
  3. Up to 4 Trainees
  4. Pick Any 2 PowerToolz Products to train on
  5. Digital attendance certificates
  6. Mutually agreed training schedule
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Updated Curriculum

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